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8 Early Signs of Autism in Infants

What are the early signs and characteristics of a communication development disorder or pre-autism?

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The Mifne Approach

The Mifne Approach is a multi-component intervention model that was the first to recognize the importance of individual intensive treatment and parental participation.

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About the Mifne Center

Mifne deals with diagnosis and short-term intensive treatment for autism in infants up to age two, within the context of the family.

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We are delighted to invite you to attend the Gala evening Marking the 30th anniversary of the Mifne Center Early intervention in autism.
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Treatment at the Mifne Center – TV Channel 10

WATCH: Five Years On – Follow-up
Oshrat Kotler – TV Magazine – Channel 10

Do Not Ignore the Red Lights

Leaders in Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism in Infants

Early Detection Can Save Your Child


Pathways to an Inclusive Life
Dr. Alonim - The Mifne Center presents:
Identification of autism in the first year of life

The Mifne Center 30th Anniversary – Gala Evening

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