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8 Early Signs of Autism in Infants

What are the early signs and characteristics of a communication development disorder or pre-autism?

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The Mifne Approach

The Mifne Approach is a multi-component intervention model that was the first to recognize the importance of individual intensive treatment and parental participation.

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About the Mifne Center

Mifne deals with diagnosis and short-term intensive treatment for autism in infants up to age two, within the context of the family.

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Treatment at the Mifne Center – TV Channel 10
Do Not Ignore the Red Lights

Leaders in Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism in Infants

Early Detection Can Save Your Child


A lecture by Mrs. Einat Kadosh - January 10, 2017 - "Autism-Israel Conference" Safed, Israel
Oshrat Kotler - TV magazine channel 10, Israel
Click to watch : broadcast on 31.12.16 - starts at minute 29:39
You can watch this TED talk on our home page site

A two-year Training Program for Therapists who treat infants
diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families.
In collaboration with Bar-Ilan University, for the academic year 2016-2018

To register please call +972-4-6802002

Yoni, 7 years old Р Happy Channuka!

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