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Thanks to Mifne


To all the team, Thank you so much for another wonderful experience in your company. We learnt so much over the course of the week. It was a pleasure watching E. thrive as you drew him further out of his shell. Thank you for your patience and understanding of both E. and T. and of course also of us! Your support is invaluable to us. With thanks and lots of love…
Family K. – London


…We think of you all the time and are so grateful for everything you did for us. R. is amazing and brings us so much joy every day – we feel so lucky to have him. …R. is doing so great! We would not have the same sweet, funny boy we have today if it weren’t for you!
Family A. – Oregon, USA


How is every one!? I can’t believe it has already been one year since our transformative experience! Wow. We are all well and happy and wanted to update you all.
Family R. – Chicago, USA


… It looks like yesterday, when, one year before, we all were arriving in Israel, to learn together to rediscover world for our son,
S.Family B. – Romania


Shalom, Hanna, I want to express my appreciation for your work. The path to this accomplishment, and I hope more accomplishments in the future, began in the Mifne Center. A month of therapy at Mifne, 17 years ago, changed his future. Today and for the rest of our lives, and I have emphasized this at every opportunity, we will remember that the first important step towards Dan’s integration and return to family life was done with your help, and with your personal help, Hanna. We never forget about Rosh Pina and visit you every time we are in the area. Hanna, there are no words to describe how I value your work. I am sure that Dan agrees with every word that I have written. Sincerely,

Leonid Kourkovsky – Israel (Read post…)



Ariel Huntress, USA
Volunteered at the Mifne Center, June-July 2013
The opportunity to learn and observe at the Mifne Center was a tremendous privilege for me. I had such a wonderful time serving each of you in numerous ways, while at the same time I was able to learn so much. Right from the beginning, conversations that Irit and I had planted the idea of the autonomy of the child in my mind that continued to grow throughout my observations. The most powerful learning tool for me during my time at the Mifne was the many hours of observation.
First of all, my observations of the therapists changed my view of what therapists were capable of doing with children that were not their own. Everyone at the Mifne Center was so careful and attentive to the family. The play therapy stood out to me as a wonderful way to connect with the children. In my job in America, we are expected to drill the children on their knowledge base while completely missing the connection or relationship between the therapist and child. I was so impressed by the careful yet persistent way the Mifne forced the children to find self and connect with other people as their own individual.
Observing how the children reacted to the therapists also opened my eyes to the effectiveness of the Mifne Method. The fact that the children I observed reacted so quickly and successfully to the therapy is the best recommendation in my thinking. Watching the videos of children in past years helped blossom this idea for me. The children I observed not only improved in their parent’s eyes, but they also seemed to be happier and enjoy people so much more. This jump from a secluded bubble to a world of relationships for the children must be the most rewarding feeling.
Lastly, I learned so much from the research, communication, and feedback that the Mifne remains actively involved with. Again, I was not able to join in on most of this other then brief helps with English grammar questions, but I was able to learn so much by watching the research take place and reading some of the papers. The feedback worksheet helped me better understand how each therapist views the therapy. Also, the communication between the therapists and parents, therapists and children, and even therapists and myself was very important. The high emphasis on teaching and consistent learning made an impact on how I want to return to my job and schooling.
The immediate application of what I have learned will be seen most clearly in my job. As I mentioned to many of you, I am so excited to return to my job with a new goal in mind. My goal right now is to help the children I work with to discover relationships and self, and I want to keep learning as much as possible on how to better accomplish this goal. This trip is just a beginning in my study and learning process, and I plan to keep learning and improving. I am so thankful that I have connected with the Mifne Center, and I cannot wait to see you again.I consider every one of you a wonderful contact and friend.

Candace Oliver, USA
Volunteered at the Mifne Center, June-July 2013
My Dear Mifne Friends,
You asked me, how did I feel?
What did I learn?
And what could be improved?
I felt very welcome, sincerely wanted, included in the work, and very safe and protected (especially at the end); all of these feelings were very important to me, coming from across the sea and being alone in a new environment.
I learned so much about Autism. Before I came to Mifne, Autism was an incurable, unfortunate disease; but I learned that this does not have to be the case – there is hope for children with Autism! I learned that there are early signs that point to autism and if treated, these children can be helped to properly reconnect with those around them. I also learned that Autism has an effect on the whole family therefore requiring the whole family to be treated.
I honestly cannot think of any suggestions of improvement for Mifne’s volunteer program. You allowed me to be a part and taught me so much not only about your center but also about your country. I came uninformed about Autism and left with more understanding and answers. I came loving Israel and left loving her and her people even more! I thank the whole Mifne team for all that you taught me and gave to me while I was in Israel.
Sincerely Grateful,

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