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Eligibility Criteria & Procedure

3 Criteria for a Family’s Eligibility

|1 The infant is younger than two years old
|2 The infant has been diagnosed with autism; suspected autism; at high risk of autism
|3 The parents are fully involved in the Intervention Program.

The Mifne Center may refer young infants to the Sourasky Medical Center or other diagnostic facilities.


After the parents have applied to the Mifne Center by phone or e-mail, they are requested to send the following:

|1 The child’s diagnosis as well as any available medical reports.

|2  Video clips monitoring their baby in various daily situations, such as playing, eating, and interacting with family members. This videotape gives our staff of therapeutic clinicians the opportunity to get a first impression of the child in his/her natural environment and assess his/her condition.

Interview & Conclusions

First Meeting at The Mifne Center

In the wake of the observation of the home video and after a study of the diagnosis, a first meeting takes place between the parents and senior psychologists at the Mifne Center. This meeting usually lasts about two hours.

  • The first hour of the meeting enables the parents to tell about their experience with their child, to give their own perspective about their child’s condition and ask questions.
  • The second hour is used to tell the parents about the intervention program’s aims and its philosophy.

In cases of infants under 1 year old, the parents are invited with the infant for a direct observation.


Following the interview and clinical staff recommendations, the parents are requested to make their decision within the next few weeks, and if this addresses their wish, they are to confirm their intention to attend the program via an official letter. A therapeutic agreement is signed upon starting the program.

Foreign Families

Foreign families, who live overseas, will be requested to fill in the ESPASI (screening scale) form apart from videos, and they will be interviewed via Skype.

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