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Mifne Swiss Foundation

Dr. Ernst & Mrs. Ilse Braunschweig

Dr. Ernst & the late Mrs. Ilse Braunschweig

Dr. Eric Teitler - President of the Mifne Swiss Foundation

Dr. Eric Teitler – President 1995 – 2017 of the Mifne Swiss Foundation

Dr. Arthur Braunschweig

Dr. Arthur Braunschweig – President of the Mifne Swiss Foundation

The Mifne Center is funded by Mifne Swiss Foundation, which was established in 1990 by Dr. Ernst and Mrs. Ilse Braunschweig. Second president was Dr. Eric Teitler. Current president, since July 2017, is Dr. Arthur Braunschweig.

The aim of the Foundation is to support Israeli families in need of treatment at the Mifne Center.
It is Mifne policy to accept Israeli families who need treatment regardless of their financial ability to pay the entire fee.
A subcommittee of the Board reviews requests from Israeli families who, due to their financial predicament must apply for subsidies. Each request is dealt with on its own merit.

The Foundation has also taken on the task of promoting the Mifne Method in Europe.
The Mifne Swiss Foundation established a therapeutic center at the Basel Hospital University (UPK).
Therapists were trained at the Mifne Center in Israel.

Members of the Mifne Swiss Committee:

Dr. Arthur Braunschweig (President)
Mr. Jakob Berlowitz
Mrs. Sonja Dinner
Mr. Edgar Eyal
Dr. Ronnie Gundelfinger
Mrs. Nicole Oppenheim
Dr. Robert Rom
Dr. Eric Teitler (Past President)

The Mifne Swiss House was built thanks to the Mifne Swiss Foundation and its late dear member Dr. Robert Tausky, in collaboration with the Marc Rich Foundation.

Dr. Robert Tausky In Memoriam

Dr. Robert Tausky In Memoriam

The Center’s operations have been also funded by the following foundations:
The DEAR Foundation, Keren Hayesod, Israel Corporation Ltd. & private funds.

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